All of our lifestyle shoots are designed to be relaxed, creative and great fun. We LOVE ♥ to take you out on location, taking full advantage of all the fantastic colours, shapes and textures within the outside environment. Whether that be using the linear lines within an old metal gate, the distressed effect of wooden doors and fences or the soft whimsical feel of a country garden - you'd be amazed at what can be found and achieved using these backdrops ♥

We also offer studio based shoots for all your 'little people' - perfect for those who are just walking or for during the colder months of the year. The studio is warm, relaxed and comfortable - a great place to bring your little one and just let the session unfold (we'll even put the kettle on and supply cookies ♥) We've lots of natural based props such as old wooden apple crates, tin baths and naturally woven baskets for your little one to explore ♥