Unplugged weddings ~ Yes or No?

This is such a tricky subject and one we've had many a conversation about over the years. As modern technology has advanced and so many people now own a smart phone we've seen a real increase in guests disregard for the 'no photography please' from the vicar or registrar at the beginning of the ceremony. We really have seen it all - from guests standing up during the ceremony with their flash continuously popping off, guests videoing the entire ceremony holding an iPad above their head and guests leaning in to the aisle completely blocking the Groom's view of his Bride as she walks in. 

We have an obvious job to do on a wedding day and all of the situations mentioned above undoubtedly make the job that little bit harder. We're all guilty of living our lives through a screen, but seeing guests watch an entire wedding ceremony through their phone and not living in the moment, sharing that special moment with the couple, makes us a little bit sad.

The notion of having an 'unplugged wedding' is becoming increasingly popular. Whether it's because of the shift in focus towards mindfulness, whether couples value their photography more or whether they're just more aware of the repercussions of a guest stepping across a critical frame. Whatever the reason we've definitely seen an increase in couples adopting the idea of an unplugged wedding and from our point of view it's been a breath of fresh air. We've seen some cute signage around venues reminding guests about remaining 'fully present' during the ceremony, our favourite being - 'there's a bloke here with a rather big camera. We invited him here to capture our day, so we ask that you please keep yours tucked safely away!' ♥