Bridal make-up (and looking great on camera!)

We're often asked by our Brides about make-up on camera and how to make sure they get it right so they look truly fabulous in their wedding photographs. Having your make-up done by a professional on the morning of your wedding is a little luxury we all deserve. Handing over the responsibility of your make-up gives you the opportunity to sit back with a glass of bubbles and soak in the atmosphere around you. It also gives you time to focus on the ceremony ahead and really acknowledge all the feels ♥

In collaboration with the super talented Kaye Salmon here's a few words of advice from the lady herself, 'I always advise my Brides that it's really important they still feel like themselves on their wedding day, but just on a really, really good day! In essence a polished version.' She says, 'it's all about getting the balance right with bridal make-up. You need a little more than you're used to, as it will need to last the whole day and look great on camera, but not too much that you feel uncomfortable or look too made up for a daytime ceremony.' With a specific focus on products Kaye recommends Brides, 'wear a lip colour that's not too light as it can make them look washed out on camera. So something perhaps a shade darker than their natural lip colour, unless they are going for a strong statement lip colour of course!' 

Kaye uses waterproof products and only recommends Brides top up their lipstick throughout the day as she, 'sets the face with a super duper fixing spray so it stays put!' For Brides who tend to have a more oily complexion Kaye suggests using a, 'light setting powder for after the wedding breakfast when they might start to look slightly shiny on camera.'

Kaye firmly believes in treating all Brides as individuals, 'as make-up is such a personal thing, with each Bride having a different version of 'natural' it's important to listen to their preferences and then tweak the look during the trial.' Kaye's main focus is to, 'get the skin looking 'naturally' flawless.' She spends nearly half the time on a make-over working on the skin, 'buffing and blending until it's absolutely perfect!'

Her main piece of advice is, 'You want people to compliment you on how amazing you look, not how good your make-up looks. You don't want the make-up to wear you. It's got to look naturally amazing and enhance your features rather than completely change them,' and quite frankly we couldn't agree more ♥