Meet the Tim Hill Photography team

Meet the 'team' ... pfft who am I kidding! The 'team' consists of Tim and I (well and the occasional 2 year old office assistant, but her contribution of late has been seriously questionable)

So ... Tim and I have worked alongside each other for a very long time. We share an office space and although his photographic paraphernalia continually spills out on to my side of the office (we've not quite reached the masking tape line down the centre of the room yet, but we have been close on several occasions!) our working environment and relationship works.

We're very different in that Tim's patient, technical and very methodical, where as I'm a little bit more of an impatient creative (in that I have a super busy mind with lots of ideas, an unhealthy addiction to stationery and still very much like using coloured Post-it notes to organise my life)

Tim trades in the currency of chocolate, mainly Dairy Milk (but by no means exclusively) and thanks to a shelf of photography props in the office can often be found (under a certain 2 year olds insistence) editing your wedding photographs in a top hat! He's also partial to a slice of wedding cake and with photographing so many weddings over the years I have to say he's become quite the connoisseur! I however favour Galaxy (always) and have a love of pretty shoes and fedora hats.

We have clear defined roles for both the wedding and newborn sides of the business, which have gradually been carved out over the years. Tim is the man behind the business name and the one who holds the camera. He primarily shoots weddings alone and works super hard to achieve the best results for our couples. He's conscientious and forever committed to professional development, always looking to improve, grow and master his craft. Anything behind the scenes is my role, so all correspondence, social media, album design and looking after our website. I also pose and style all of your beautiful little bundles in our newborn shoots.

At the centre of everything we do is our commitment to our couples and the babies and children we photograph. Together our differences really do compliment one another and when combined (even if I do say so myself!) we make a pretty magnificent team ♥