Spotlight ~ Lemon Zest

We've been working alongside Lemon Zest for over 11 years, mainly at Dodmoor House, but also at other wedding venues across the county. They're a family run business founded back in 2002 who pride themselves on understanding that, 'no two events are ever the same.' They also thrive on the fact they, 'love creating new dishes for people that compliment their image and personality.'

The team are headed up by Natasha, a rather amazing lady who always looks after our couples with the upmost care and professionalism. The team of staff around her are equally as brilliant and always ensure each wedding day is one that everyone remembers. We're always super happy when we see 'Lemon Zest' on the timings sheet from the venue - not only do they always look after Tim, they also work closely with us to ensure the day runs as smooth as clockwork - they really are at the top of their game ♥