'Here comes the rain' ~ wet weddings and how to make the most of them!

You can plan your wedding day within an inch of it's life, but the one thing you can't plan for is the weather. It's the one question we get asked all the time, 'but what if it rains?' Unfortunately planning a summer wedding in the United Kingdom does not necessarily guarantee fabulous weather so it's important you have things in place to enable you to get as many shots as you can outside. Tim's never afraid to get wet and can often be found working under a rain cloud (whilst the couple remain completely dry of course!) Our advice when approaching photographs in wet weather is always, 'wellies, an umbrella and an open mind!'

Megan and Simon married at Dodmoor House on quite possibly one of the wettest wedding days we've ever been part of! Regardless of the heavens seeming to be permanently open, this couple fully embraced the weather and made the most of Dodmoor’s natural shelters and open doorways. This made for some really beautiful outdoor shots. For me, this couple epitomise happiness and prove just how incredible a ‘wet wedding’ can actually be. Take a look at what can be achieved in challenging weather conditions with a little bit of optimism ♥