To feed, or not to feed? That is the question ...

Weddings can be long days for many of your suppliers, but particularly for your photographer who may well be with you from early morning right through until late evening. I know first hand that Tim's productivity is far higher when fuelled on a decent meal (as oppose to a sweaty sandwich and over ripe banana that's been sat on the front seat of the car all day!) A well fed photographer is undoubtedly a happy one! Caterers are usually pretty good at looking after photographers, so have a chat with them and discuss the options they offer for the day (I promise your photographer really will thank you for it!)

Here's what one of our Groom’s had to say on the subject ... 'Providing food for Tim was really important to us, he arrived early and left late … Wedding days are long enough WITH food and drink, let alone on an empty stomach!'


{Beautiful plate of food by the super lovely Lemon Zest}