Words of wisdom #1 ~ Budget

With the aim of making this Blog a hub of information, we’re going to be periodically opening up this space to our past couples who may have some words of wisdom, ideas, recommendations or advice that might be of interest to any recently engaged couples. The wedding industry is a complex one with many, many variables. We hope that these guest spots on the Blog will give couples some practical advice that they may be able to implement in the lead up to their own big day.

Our first couple to contribute had the following words of wisdom to share …

~ Set yourself a realistic budget, weddings cost money but they are definitely worth it. If something is cheap, there’s a reason.

~ Our biggest tip (and this is why we went with Tim Hill Photography) is if you see somebody and their work and get a good feeling, go with it, don’t shop around. Shopping around is the most stressful bit and will achieve nothing. Trust your gut instinct.

~ Finally, work out what part of your wedding means the most to you and expect it to go over the allocated budget. Don’t compromise on your top three. It worked for us and 1. We have fantastic pictures that we will look at for the rest of our lives 2. We had the perfect venue and 3. We had delicious food.

What truly great advice!